The Red Ranger and Mr. Mouse

Strictly Scarsdale

Finding the right entertainment for a party can set any host or hostess into a state of panic. Luckily, after placing a call to Carrie Feiner of Carrie Feiner Enterprises a number of party-goers are in the mood for a good time.

Feiner, a '75 Scarsdale High School graduate, has put her Juilliard School master’s degree to use by running a business that arranges over 500 music and entertainment events annually. Her top quality performers present all types of music from Renaissance to Jazz and every instrument combination from soloists to large ensembles.

For adult and children’s parties, Feiner can arrange other types of entertainment including DJ’s, clowns, mimes, jugglers, face painters, astrologists, caricaturists, costume characters and more.

Her "enterprising" nature came about in the early 80’s, when Feiner, a pianist, set out to perform. While booking herself as a soloist, she encountered a number of clients looking for various types of entertainment.

"I didn’t turn down the work," Feiner says, and she slowly began to book a growing number of musicians she knew from Juilliard.

A life-long Scarsdale resident, except for a few years in Hartsdale, Feiner hires Scarsdale High School students through the school’s youth employment service. Their talent? Wearing hot, heavy character costumes such without complaint and with lots of enthusiasm. According the Feiner, clients are raving about the students.

"They’re good-natured, have lots of energy, and they’re better than some of the professionals."

Carrie Feiner puts her heart into her work and it shows. The next time you’re at a party with great entertainment, just ask who to call for the same. The word of mouth in Scarsdale is growing: "Carrie Feiner Enterprises 725-0200."